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Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan is also called as Ramzan,Ramazan,Ramadan, or Ramathan. Ramalan is originated at the 9th month of the Islamic Lunar calendar. Ramzan (written as Ramadan) is derived from the Arabic word 'ramida' or 'arramad' which implies intense searing heat and dryness, especially of the ground. it is so called because of the fact that the hearts and souls are all the more promptly responsive to the admonition and recognition of Allah amid Ramadan, as the sand and stones are open to the sun's heat.

Ramadan Kareem
In this holy month of Ramzan the gate of hell is closed and the saitan is chained. Ramadan is the month to ask for forgiveness to our lord from all the bad things that we have done through out our lives there is a day at the last 10 days of Ramalan which comes under the odd days of the Ramadan month.in which if we ask forgiveness then our whole bad deeds will be vanished by our lords mercy and we will be like a new borne baby. pure and eligible to reach Janna.

Ramadan Quotes Eid Mubarak Wishes -Ramalan Kareem Quotes and Sms

In this superior month of ramadan Share the light and love of islam through the Ramadan Eid mubarak quotes 2016 may allah forgive you.and give all the goods in this earth and the endless world.share the mubarak of this Ramaln with all your friends relatives and the persons you know en light this beautiful month of Ramadan with love and joy.Happy Ramadan and Eid Mubarak.  

Welcome Ramadan

Welcome Ramadan
Walk humbly Talk politely
Dress neatly Treat kindly
Pray attentively and
Donate generously
May Allah bless & protect you!

The holy occasion of Ramadan 

As the holy occasion of Ramadan is here
and the atmosphere is filled with
the spirit of mirth and love.
My Best wishes are for You.
Happy Ramadan.

May Divine Pour His blessings

May Divine Pour His blessings on you
like rain throughout this holy month
recite Quran for blessings
b caring about your prayers
the Merciful will give u more than
your heart desires.

"Ramadan Mubarak"

May this Ramadan

May This Ramadan….
You Are Gifted- with blessings of “Allah Rab-ul-Izzat”
And many treasured moments of joy!!!!
!Ramadan Mubarak!

The holy quran

"Turn your face towards the Sacred Mosque;
and wherever you are, turn your faces towards it"
The Holy Koran [ 2:150 ]

Blessings of ramadan

Wishing you all the blessings from Allah
and praying for a blessed Ramadan !

Light of Ramadan

May the light Of Ramadan…
Show us the way & lead us together on the
Path of peace & social harmony
Wish u and ur Family verry happy Ramadan ul Mubarak…
Good Luck For Hot Ramadan. via

The holy month of Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan,
For all Muslims has begun.
Praising Allah through the day,
From dawn to dusk we fast and pray.
We pay zakah (charity) for those in need,
Trying hard to do good deeds.
Wishing you wonderful Ramadan.

Fortune is the one

Fortunate Is The One
Who Has Learned To Admire,
But Not To Envy.
Good Wishes For A Joyous Ramadan
And A Happy New Year With A Plenty
Of Peace And Prosperity.

Month of the Ramadan

Wishing u 1 month of ramadan,
4 weeks of barkat,
30 days of forgiveness,
720 hours of guidance,
43200 minutes of purification,
2592000 secs of Nuur..!!

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramzan in details

R-Roza Rakho
A-Allah se daro
M-Masjid ko jao
Z-Zakat banto
A-A’maal ache karo
N-Namaz parho

Ramadan Recipe

A Glass of Care
A Plate of Love
A Spoon of Peace
A Fork of Truth &
A Bowl of Duaas.

Mix with spices of QURAAN.
Enjoy This Meal.

May on this Eid the

May on this EID The Plate of your life is filled, With juicy Kababs & Tikkas, topped With Chatni of Happiness and Covered with Salad of Love.

 the crescent moon 

 As the crescent moon is sighted
And the holy month of Ramadan beings
May Allah bless you with happiness
and grace your home with warmth and peace..

 It’s the month when the

 It’s the month when the devils are chained,
the gates of hell are closed and those of paradise are opened.
It’s the month the holy prophet used to pray to witness.
It’s the blessed month of ramadhan.
May Allah shower his blessings and
grant you forgiveness in this holy month.

Ramadan is the (month) in which 

Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Quran,
as a guide to mankind,
also clear (Signs) for guidance
and judgment (between right and wrong).
Happy Ramadan.

Jumma-tul-Alwida Mubarak

Ya Allah our Sins are so many,But your mercy is Limitless.Please Forgive us.
You are the greatest Forgiver,You Love to Forgive,Please forgive Me,My Parents,My family and whole Muslim Ummah Past and Present.
Jumma-tul-Alwida Mubarak!!!

Ramadan is a time for

Ramadan is a time for reflection and purification
Allah sees it all… and sure rewards where reward is due.
Here’s wishing you blessed and prosperous Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem Cover Photos and Images

Now celebrate ramadan by sending beautiful ramadan kareem images and cover photos here in this article we provide you the hand picked beautiful images to expose and share the joy and love of ramadan between your friends and neighbors
Ramadan Kareem
May Allah shower you with blessings this Ramadan
Wishing you happiness, prosperity and abundance.
Today and always.

Ramadan quotes
“Of all the days 2 celebrate,
this day outshines the rest.
Lets hoping that
this EID is happiest and the best.”

Ramalan Kareem 2016
“Today i pray that:-
Happiness be at ur door
May it knock early
Stay late & leave the gift of Allah’s
Peace,love,joy & good health behind”.
Eid Mubarak 2016
He is the one God;
The Creator, the Initiator, the Designer.
To him belong the most beautiful names
He is the Almighty, Most Wise.
Wishing you a blessed Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem the Holy Month
My Dear Friend,
May Almighty Allah Showers his blessings on You and your family during the month of Ramadan
Ramadan Mubarak
Eid Mubarak 2016
As the crescent moon is sighted
And the holy month of Ramadan beings
May Allah bless you with happiness and
grace your home with warmth and peace..
Moment of Ramalan
God said don’t look around because
you’ll be impressed,
Don’t look down you’ll be depressed,
Just look to me all the time and you’ll be blessed ..
Happy Ramadan month…
Ramzan Kareem
Prophet said:- Whoever stood for the prayers in the night of Qadr out of sincere faith

and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.Happy Ramadan.
Ramadan Mubarak

As Ramadan is fast approaching,
Let’s prepare our hearts and minds that
We may be united spiritually with the almighty one.
Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak 2016
My life may not be going the way I planned
But it’s exactly going the way Allah has planned.
Indeed, Allah is a better planner, the Guide.
So Just keep praying.
Ramadan Mubarak 2016

Ramzan Mubarak
Fasting is, first and foremost, an exercise in identifying and managing adversity in all its forms. With faith, in full conscience, fasting calls women and men to an extra degree of self-awareness. – Tariq Ramadan
eid Mubarak

Spend more time reading Islamic books, especially the Quran, Sirah, Hadith, and Fiqh.

Ramalan Kareem cover photos
If you like to listen to music, whether the style of western societies or even those from Muslim countries, reduce, even eliminate the time you spent on them; replace them with reciting and listening to recitation from the Quran

Ramadan Mubarak Quotes
Often we neglect the value of prayer and fasting during Ramadan.
If we truly want to honor Allah,
Our hearts will be wholeheartedly committed to it.

Ramadan Kareem Eid-Mubarak Images With Quotes and Wishes

Download beautiful ramalan Kareem Pictures with wishes and quotes.Send ramadan quotes to your friends and neighbors.wish your beloved ones by means of sending this beautiful images with quotes and wishes.enjoy this ramadan with the joy of happiness.pray to all allah for forgiveness and jannah.
Enjoy this Ramadan with Lots of Love and feel the real joy of Islam.

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